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Vizualizari profil:1150 Afisari
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Ultima modificare:14 years ago
Signup Date:14 years ago
Personal Information
Birthday: 11 November 1973 (48 ani)
Gender: Female
Contact Information
City: TG-JIU
State/Province: GORJ
Country: ROMANIA
Phone Number: 0040 353 402 077
Comentarii (2)  [ publica comentariu ]
Anonim - 9 years ago  [ mesaj ]
Funny you should mneiton that, I came by yesterday and wanted to comment on something but saw that there wasn't a comment button. I figured you didn't care to hear strange people's input on your site! Glad to see you do.
Anonim - 11 years ago  [ mesaj ]
That's not just the best anwser. It's the bestest answer!