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Infrared Heaters - How to Build a Portable Infrared Sauna
27 December 2011 12:15 AM - [ post comment ]


Sauna infrared heaters are usually a very old finished tradition that is much more popular and used by many infrared heater users all over the world. There are also some modern saunas that are usually heated by various kinds of infrared heaters. Infrared heaters works by heating the people or the objects and not he sauna itself.


There are many ways on how to build a portable infrared sauna. Purchase a small tent that will serve as the house for the sauna in which the infrared heaters are mounted. Most of the tent sauna are common to many campers all over the world. Provide an outlet that requires the power of the infrared heaters then provide a seating for the portable sauna. You must also close all the windows and doors and then turn on the infrared unit on. Try to leave a small opening for fresh air then you may now enjoy the sauna.


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